Finding it almost impossible to fully comprehend, a foreign resident living in Japan was told for the first time this month that Japanese babies are born with a “blue arse”.

“Yeah, good Japanese joke,” Jake Maddox initially thought.

Maddox heard the breaking news from a few gaijin friends and was compelled to cross-reference the information with a couple of locals before believing it to be fact.

“Once I had the jyouhou corroborated with at least two nihonjin I started to shinjiru,” he says.

The phenomenon is strangely called the “Mongolian spot” although researchers from Tokyo University have proven Japanese people are descended from cherry blossom trees exclusive to the Japanese archipelago.

Maddox checked out the “Mongolian spot” online this week but found that Japanese baby bums are not blue, they are actually green.

Image: Pakutaso