Companies in Japan have commenced shaming their workers into not taking off the full 10-day golden week vacation period.

“Eeeto ne, do you really need 10 days, Shigeharu?” asked Shigeharu’s boss on Friday.

“I can’t remember the emperor taking off 10 days during his long and strenuous 30-year reign.”

“Look at Yoshihito-san, he’s only taking off one day for the next 10 days – and that’s for his mother’s funeral.”

The majority of company managers, however, have disgraced employees wanting to take an extended vacation through subtle innuendo.

“You know something Yusuke, Tomoko is an amazing employee, she didn’t even ask me for time off this Golden Week – she is an absolute credit to our nation and our outgoing Emperor.”

“And she’s even coming to karaoke with me after I let her finish working this evening.”

Later tonight, Tomoko will be forced to drink some alcohol for the betterment of her company.

Image: Pakutaso