Japanese deer have been called out as a “bunch of filthy racists” after it was reported the number of people injured by deer at Nara Park, in Nara City, hit a record high of 200 in the current fiscal year, with 80 per cent of the victims being foreigners.

“The facts don’t lie – these beasts are racist,” says 4-years-a-gaijin Terry Whitecape.

But local authorities have pointed the finger at foreigners for provoking the attacks through bad behaviour.

“One gaijin was mortally wounded after offering a deer some of its hamburger,” according to the Nara Prefectural Government.

“Our deer are not really into hamburgers, they prefer their special rice crackers.”

The local government has now reluctantly put up signs in English asking foreigners to respect the deer.

“The signs explain to foreigners the meaning of manners,” said one local spokesperson.

The number of Japanese injured by deer has remained steady at around 50 per year.

“Of course, most Japanese are respectful in public, but there are still a few wankers out there.”

Government figures show most of the foreign victims are actually from Asia.

Image: Flickr/BillHails