NHK announced this week that the emperor has expressed his desire to abdicate from duties to give him more time to prepare for the official release of Pokémon GO.

Sources have confirmed that the government has begun revising the Imperial Household Act of 1947 to allow abdication for the purpose of Pokémon GO.

“I’m mad keen on this augmented reality concept,” said Emperor Akihito.

“My minders had to do some so-called ‘jail-breaking’ and some ‘spoofing’ of the ‘GPS’ on my phone, which allowed me to get ahead of the game,” said Emperor Akihito.

The Emperor has reportedly been seen scouring the Tokyo Imperial Palace grounds but has only been successful in finding the common Rattata.

The emperor has told his closest aides that he needs to “get out in casual attire and do some legit Poke-hunting”.

“I’ve served this country my whole life, can’t a brother finally roam free and catch some rare Pokémon?” said the Emperor.

Images: Kanegen, Couse-Baker


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