Housewives across Japan will hand over about 25 billion yen worth of giri chocolate to their husbands to prevent conflict.

“This chocolate really comes from deep within the heart of my obligations,” says 38-year-old housewife Sara Arai.

“The high-quality Meiji bar I gave to young Kenji, however, was choc full of love.”

After providing their husbands with giri-choco many wives followed up with some giri-dinner, giri-doing-the-dishes, a giri-back-massage, and finally a bit of giri-doing-the-laundry-and-by-the-way-while-you’re-at-it-just-keep-cleaning-the-house-everyday-and-look-after-the-kids-giri.

“I just hope Kenji-chan repays me in kind,” says Arai.

Kenji, one of the strapping young lads playing in the senior rugby team at the local university, has already made preliminary preparations to book out a love hotel for White Day.


Image: Pakutaso


Gaijin Mistakes Giri Choco For True Love


  1. In the Japanese version of this article, young Kenji the rugby player is the woman’s husband. Was that intentional or a translation error?


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