A Japanese magazine has apologised for a leaked email listing the best methods used by Japan to suppress gender equality.

The email was sent out to Spa! magazine staff by senior editors, but became public in late December prompting outrage principally from Japanese women who have had experience living overseas because the anti-gender equality practices are too effective inside Japan.

Topping the list was the “continual objectification and sexualisation of women”.

“This is achieved by the omnipresent positive affirmation of the importance of a woman’s appearance in the media,” the email said.

Coming in at second place was the claim that women belong in the house simply because this is traditional Japanese culture.

Third and fourth on the list was the rigging of university exam scores to reduce female professionals, and not building childcare centers in order to prevent women from developing their careers.

Other special mentions were the importance of men constantly claiming their wives are the boss of the house to create the illusion that women have some authority, and the constant reinforcement in society that petite, weak women are more desirable.

The magazine’s editorial department apologized in a statement today, but was surreptitiously pleased with the global attention.

Image: Spa! magazine