Japanese people have begun upgrading their redundant pagers with cutting-edge fax machines after the nation’s last remaining pager provider, Tokyo Telemessage Inc., announced it would cease its services at midnight Tuesday.

“We’ve seen a massive rush of sales of our latest range of fax machines,” said Big Camera Ikebukuro regional manager Yuto Ookii.

Purchases of the latest model fax machine, the “Sony Fakkusu 678,400 (six hundred and seventy-eight thousand four hundred)” spiked by more than 20% on Wednesday.

“We’ve come a long way since the original ‘Sony Fakkusu 1’,” says Ookii.

“The 678,400 model now has the capability to take selfies.”

Today, most fax machines in Japan can send digital facsimiles, which are similar to an email but different.

Ookii says manufacturers are currently trying to develop a fax machine that can cook rice.

“We hope to see the ‘Sony Gohan Fakkusu 1’ in stores from next spring.”

Image: wiki