The new ultra dark surgical mask released by the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drug store group has become a popular hit amongst young women in Japan.

Women say by turning to the dark side they are becoming more empowered by hiding themselves in public.

“I love my ultra dark mask because you can’t see a single part of my face,” says 35-year-old office lady Sekuhara Hetta.

Some men are outraged at the masks saying it’s disgraceful that these women “aren’t applying makeup before leaving their homes”.

“It’s bad enough that some women only use cosmetics around their eyes, now they are going to get away with zero makeup, it’s highly offensive,” says 58-year-old salaryman Mamoru Danseiyuetsu.

The ultra dark surgical mask is priced at ¥1,499.


Image: Flickr/Zumfelde


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