Japan coach Akira Nishino said his players were lost for words after their crushing 3-2 defeat by Gaikoku on Monday in the World Cup and took out their disappointment on defenceless germs in the locker room.

“There wasn’t a single microorganism that survived the ordeal,” said Nishino.

Japanese captain Makoto Hasebe was seen taking out his anger on the locker room floor.

“Hasebe was polishing like a madman,” said Nishino.

“He even used wax.”

At one stage Hasebe was waxing on while Keisuke Honda was waxing off.

“I’m proud of the boys – it was a great team effort.”

The Japanese players also left a small note in Russian saying, “This room has been sanitized, enjoy your stay.”

Image: Twitter/PriscillaJanssens