Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport has begun implementing measures to increase road safety with the influx of tourists in recent years in coordination with police, tourism boards, and car rental associations.

The first initiative being introduced around the country is stickers stuck onto rental cars, which warn others on the road that the person driving has a very large nose.

“By alerting other drivers that they are dealing with a massive nose we forecast a significant reduction in accidents,” said Tokyo police spokesman Jiro Matsutaka.

Many in the community have supported the move and say they will now feel more comfortable driving on the roads.

“Now I can be informed about whether or not the person driving in front has an overly tall nose I feel much safer,” said 97-year-old driver Ryosuke Nakamura.

“My only concern now is if they wind down their windows and start yelling at me in English.”

The government is also deliberating on plans to introduce “Foreigner Is Working Here” signs outside convenience stores.


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