A group of schoolgirls colonizing a large table in Starbucks yesterday made some impressive advancements over the course of the day progressing from an era of pottery making to an age of textile production by 7 p.m.

The girls quickly snapped up an area of vacant territory and temporarily marked their settlement with school bags and a myriad of pink soft toys.

One schoolgirl authenticated the land grab by hoisting a flag bearing their school emblem once they had ordered their milk shakes, which were being sold under the guise of coffee.

“We started making ceramic pottery early on in the morning but had soon found ourselves in the midst of an industrial revolution with textile production booming by late afternoon,” said schoolgirl Kana Miyamoto.

There were several complaints by other patrons about the destructive nature of the newly formed colony, which was driving out the cafe’s first peoples with their excessive screams of “Yabai!” and “Ukendakedo!”

The settlement was formerly asked to reduce its extreme output of noise pollution and a small battle erupted between warring parties within the colony about whether to remain at Starbucks or seek new frontiers.

Eventually a small group of girls were sent out on an exploratory expedition to seek new vacant tables at a nearby McDonald’s.

Images: Whity, Steve NagataTai-Jan Huang, Carter McKendry


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