A 23-year-old foreigner living in Chiba Prefecture has subconsciously released a Japanese word in the middle of an English sentence while chatting to a gai-friend.

“Isn’t it a bit モッタイナイ wrapping every single candy?” asked two-years-a-gaijin Rick Bevan.

“I don’t know man, these スーパー are extremely concerned about the environment because they make you pay for the plastic bags,” replied seven-years-a-gaijin Phillip Stonewash.

“Ah, ナルホド,” said Bevan.

“These are the kinds of things that will become ショウガナイ to you as you progress from English teacher to recruiter,” explained gaijin-vet Stonewash.

Bevan carried his candies home wrapped in plastic, which were inside another plastic package, with his five-yen plastic bag.

Image: Flickr/Likeablerodent


  1. The people in this article are so ジョウズ at speaking in katakana.
    Also, “gaijin-vet Stonewash”? That guy sounds like a legend. Hilarious as ever Rising Wasabi!


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