Purchasing JLPT Textbook Automatically Improves Japanese

A new study has found that the simple act of buying a JLPT textbook is enough to improve Japanese language ability.

Foreigner Still Uncertain If Mouth Should Be Closed When Pronouncing ‘ん’

Still unsure if he should close his mouth when pronouncing ‘ん’, Dave Stoker has elected to have a bit each way.

Foreigner Pushes When Should Have Pulled

A foreigner in their early thirties has pushed this morning when she clearly should have been pulling. “I knew as soon...

“Is this washing detergent?”

Posting a second inquiry online in less than one week, a newbie foreigner in Japan has asked, “Is this washing detergent?”

Foreigner Just Gonna Go With が Particle

Without sounding the least bit convincing, some gaijin in Yokohama has elected to go with the が particle while speaking to a native this...

I Speak In Japanese But People Keep Replying In English

A foreigner staring blankly up at the Tokyo sky has told of his harrowing experience of Japanese people continuing to reply in...

Japanese Person Speaks Japanese Really Fast

A Japanese person is reportedly speaking Japanese abnormally fast. “Why does she have to speak at such ridiculous speeds?”...

Foreigner Fluent In “Itai”

A foreigner living in Japan for near on the majority of his lifetime (3 years out of 27) has become fluent in the...

Japan Reaches ‘Samui Ne’ Seasonal Peak

The number of ‘samui ne’s muttered throughout Japan this morning reached a seasonal high peak. The average number of...

Medicine With Lots Of Cool Kanji Must Be Good

A woman searching for cold medicine in a local drug store in Nagoya City today has decided on a packet with a...