The Liberal Democratic Party held a very large penis festival in their Tokyo headquarters on Sunday, which was packed to the rafters with male sex organs.

“The room was full of them, both literally and figuratively,” NHK reported on the nightly news.

The LDP festival of the phallus takes place on a weekly basis where LDP representatives gather for a general meeting.

The festival has been a tradition since 1955 and is a symbol of male domination over the state.

An assortment of lawmakers attended the festival on Sunday in the form of sugar-coated dicks being sold to the highest special interest group bidder.

Female genitals were only allowed to enter the room to carry out tea pouring duties.

“Shameful female sex organs should be hidden from public view whenever possible,” LDP spokesman Chinko Tsuyoi told reporters.

“We must prolong the power of the penisu.”