Japan’s Police Force Announce Rapacious US Style Image Change

Japan’s National Police announced plans today to shift to a more aggressive US style of law enforcement to amend its generally widespread flaccid image.

The community-first attitude of much of the Japanese police force lags behind the merciless stance of many stellar US police officials managing to keep their citizens fearfully obedient through sheer brutality.

Japanese law enforcement heads fear the public is becoming too secure in their thinking that the police are there to serve the people.

The new proposals will see an increase in violent attacks on the general public, especially minority groups, enhancing law enforcement intimidation and reducing the need for so many strategically placed police boxes (koban).

Handguns and tasers will be carried by all patrolling officers encouraging the wholesale use of violence when confronted with even the slightest of confrontations.

“Our goal is one shooting per month – it will take us years to reach the high standards of one shooting per week exhibited by the United States,” the Tokyo Police Chief announced.

The implementation of the recent International Peace Support Law, increasing Japan’s involvement in foreign wars, is expected to aid the enhancement of Japan’s police aggression.

“We are hopeful that the country’s increase in foreign military interventions will provide a healthy influx of battle hardened returnees into the police force who won’t be afraid to pull the trigger at will,” the Police Chief said.


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