Japan’s Top 5 “Ideal Wife” In Order Of What She Can Cook

Coming in at number 5 is a woman that can cook a curry rice. If you’re a potential wife and you can cook up a decent curry, you’re already half way to ultimate life success. You don’t even need to worry yourself with any of that Indian spice claptrap, just buy your blocks of Japanese curry at a supermarket near you. This simple dish will give her just enough freedom to not want to go out and start her own career.

Number 4 is that lover who knows how to whip up a perfect nikujyaga (meat potato) dish. This meal takes a little more preparation time, but fret not, she can do a bit of extra cleaning around the house while the nikujyaga simmers for around half an hour.

Image: Flickr/NorioNakayama

When it comes to finding a compatible mate, you can’t snub your nose at number 3, a woman that can cook oyakodon. There’s nothing like that perfect combination of rice, chicken, and egg to get a man’s heart racing. This dish is also a child favorite, meaning the kids can help out the wife with the preparation, giving her just enough assistance to not want to go out and investigate how to locate a childcare center with actual vacancies.

Coming in at number 2 is a woman good with her hands capable of flipping over fried eggs to neatly cover some tomato sauce rice. This second most popular wife can deliver for her husband the comfort food king ‘Omuraisu’ (omelette rice). This dish can get a bit messy, but don’t worry, this kind of woman also comes with an unwritten guarantee of doubling as a dishwasher.

Who wouldn’t love a woman that can deep-fry an assortment of vegetables and seafood with a light refreshing batter? Number 1 is that female suitor who can serve up a dreamy tempura meal. Men in Japan are not too keen on the ones that use dense overpowering batter and these women quickly fall down the rankings when it comes to that ideal true love. But be careful, don’t ask for too much tempura variety, this may enhance her organizational skills and cause an increase in confidence and aspiration of working in a managerial position.



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