A mad keen mass of newbie JETs are scheduled to smash into the Kanto region this week and then continue to disperse north.

The latest batch to reach Tokyo is expected to produce large masses of hot swirling air, which will be largely funnelled through a variety of new YouTube channels.

Many have already begun divulging invaluable Japan-related advice on a range of blogs, including priceless information on an ‘amazing Italian restaurant’, even before arrival.

Authorities are warning residents to stay outdoors to reduce the chances of coming across monotonous wind blowing events that may strike at any time whilst using a device with access to the Internet.

“You could be surfing the Internet listening to music or watching a cat and then BLAM! You come face to face with some JET newbie giving you a lecture about something they learnt 10 minutes earlier,” says local expert Batto Kobayashi.


    • Agreed. I’ve been living here since 1990 and they see things I don’t anymore. There’s this Buddhist version of the Gideon Bible that gets put into drawers of hotel nightstands. I forget what it’s called. But I opened it to a random page once and read, “It’s hard not to hate a beginner.” That stuck with me.


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