Foreigners living in Japan are devastated by the news they will now have to check if they paid the right amount for goods and services after a JR Tokai employee was caught overcharging foreigners for shinkansen tickets.

“I’m absolutely gutted, now every time I go to the shops, I’m going to have to actually count the yen I receive on top of my receipt,” says hard-done-by white male James Sherman.

“Before I would just look at the price on the cash register screen, now I’m going to have to do math.”

Since the JR incident, there has been a sharp increase in reports of coincidental misfortunes being blamed on racism.

“Hey, I didn’t get my change placed on top of my receipt, racist!” one gaijin reportedly said in her local Seiyu supermarket.

“Dammit Japan! That sales clerk didn’t smile at me or walk me out the store and bow – blatant racist!” another one reportedly yelled out the front of a Thai massage parlor.

“What the hell Japan, that person didn’t say how amazing my Japanese was, racist!” said another.

The employee overcharging foreigners has been sacked and ordered to do 100 hours of community service at his local HUB.

Image: Flickr/fotois



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