Selfless Ospreys arrive in Kumamoto giving aid and backrubs

Compassionate U.S. Ospreys have arrived in Kumamoto Prefecture to provide aid to citizens affected by a series of major earthquakes.

The U.S. military Ospreys have been selfless in their actions and largely embarrassed by the positive media attention.

The Ospreys have worked tirelessly handing out foodstuffs and water to citizens who in some cases had to line up for over three hours.

“I thought they were in it for personal gain but now I can see the Osprey has a heart of gold,” one Japanese citizen told a local news reporter.

Several Ospreys have been giving back rubs to the elderly who have suffered from stiffness from living in their cars.

“Osprey 262 personally gave me a back massage – I now understand that the Osprey is just a brother from another mother,” said another Kumamoto resident.


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