A foreigner has blamed racial discrimination for a convenience store queue moving more slowly than the other one.

Sam Carey stepped into a queue that consisted of two people while the other queue already had four.

“The fourth guy in the other queue got served before me and I was exactly one position ahead of that dude,” said Carey.

“It’s an absolute outrage that the speed in which these clerks are serving customers is dependent on the overall color of the queue’s skin.”

Once Carey reached the counter he was informed that there were no preheated nikuman ready to order and that he would have to buy a pizzaman instead.

“The absolute height of racial prejudice! I can guarantee you it is only foreigners that can’t purchase a warm nikuman when they need it.”

“We’re always reduced to the pizzaman – only ever allowed to buy the pizzaman. What an absolute joke.”

Carey left the store fuming after purchasing two pizzaman.

Image: Norio Nakayama


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