Kumamoto City councilwomen Yuka Ogata, 43, an assembly member who attracted attention last year for bringing her newborn son to the assembly, has been ejected from the municipal assembly hall during a plenary session of the city council for using her mouth to speak out.

Male members of the chamber shouted at Ogata to apologize for her insolence while they sucked on their teeth.

Ogata’s attempt at clearing her throat to speak her mind triggered an eight-hour suspension of the assembly as the issue was debated.

“Females shouldn’t be lubricating their mouths to challenge authority,” said Kumamoto City mayor Kazufumi Onishi.

“It’s unacceptable for a responsible woman to ask questions with her mouth. She needs to admit her fault.”

The majority of the Kumamoto council assemblymen celebrated the gagging of a woman post-debate by loudly slurping up bowls of ramen.

Image: YouTube/rkknews