Japan has published the latest Terry blossom predictions forecasting the key dates for Terry Jackson’s flourishing confidence since arriving in Tokyo in January.

According to estimates, Terry’s self-esteem will begin blooming in earnest in late March as he comes to the realization his height is no longer below average.

The Terry Blossom Chart predicts Terry’s budding self-confidence will hit full bloom on April 10 after duly accepting three “you have beautiful eyes” compliments in one day.

Terry is expected to bloom at a faster rate than his mate Ned who arrived in Japan early last year but didn’t start to blossom until late May.

“We are expecting Terry to reach full bloom quicker than Ned due to a much higher subscription rate to his newly established gaijin YouTube Channel, which attracts about two new subscribers a month,” said one report.

Locals will be able to go see Terry blossom at a British style pub in Shibuya throughout April and perhaps may be even lucky enough to have a few drinks under his burgeoning ego.


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