Man's man and leader of men: Shinzo Abe

A lack of chauvinist right leaning women has led the government to slash the 2021 target for women in government leadership positions from 30% to 7%.

The Abe Administration says it is leading by example in eradicating sexism in the workplace by setting leadership positions based on aptitude rather than sex.

“There’s no way we can find that many women who will support policies that the majority of the population is against,” said one male government official.

The government will consider changing the slogan “womenomics” to “man-womenomics” to more accurately reflect those in charge of the strategy and the clear lack of women trying to follow in the footsteps of their right-wing establishment fathers and grandfathers.

“It’s not that our policies have an aversion to women, women just have an aversion to our policies,” said another male government official.

The target revision aims to implore businesses to stop thinking about possibly raising the number of women in management roles just for the sake of it.

Currently around 90% of government leadership positions are held by old men.


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