Comfort Woman Statue Outside Japanese Embassy Strangely Not Black

A Diet member belonging to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party has launched an exploratory committee to investigate the rationale behind the ‘sex slave’ statue in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul not being black.

The exploratory committee will attempt to compare the color of the statue with President Barack Obama to determine its family history.

LDP policy acknowledges that the color of President Barack Obama’s skin and slavery are not mutually exclusive.

“A thorough examination of the color of the statue is needed to understand what really happened to these people during the war,” Kazuya Maruyama, the head of the LDP’s judicial affairs division, said at the press conference.

The LDP has signalled that any discrepancy between the color of the statue and President Barack Obama’s face will irrevocably disprove any wrongdoing by the Japanese military army.


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