An Osaka City resident has randomly initiated an age brainteaser on Monday less than sixty seconds after meeting a man for the first time.

“She hadn’t even asked me where I was from yet, and she was already launching into a pop quiz concerning how many years she had existed,” said 35-year-old gaijin Ben Thorburn.

Thorburn says he immediately reverted to his near foolproof plan of subtracting a shit load of years off the suspected authentic age.

“I generally aim for 10% less than what I really think, minus one year just to be safe,” said Thorburn.

“I was thinking this woman looks 30, so I subtracted 10%, which would give me 27, and then I took away another age unit, which left me with 26.”

Thorburn says the ‘pointo’ is not to aim too low.

“If you aim too low they can smell a rat, so it’s always best to use the ‘10% minus one’ rule.”

Image: Flickr/Kanegen



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