A group of locals successfully “gaijin zoned” a foreigner at an izakaya near Shinjuku last night.

“Gaijin zoning” is a crafty tactic practiced by local men to block a foreign man or foreign men from forming any kind of social connection with women in the group.

Gaijin zoning is achieved through the use of slang, honorific Japanese (keigo), unnecessarily complicated terminology and an increase in the speed of communication.

6-years-a-gaijin Adam Evrim was gaijin zoned by Kenji Uehara and friends at approximately 8:40 pm last night.

“That guy spoke so quickly I couln’t understand what he was saying,” says Evrim.

“It was almost as if he was intentionally speaking fast and mumbling his words.”

Evrim was unable to keep track of what the group was talking about and was effectively shut out of the conversation.

“I could only catch a few words here or there so I couldn’t add to the conversation for fear of saying something completely off topic.”

Uehara and friends were victorious in applying their home ground advantage.

Image: unsplash