Two men have been arrested this week for posting false tweets online after the Kumamoto earthquake in April – one of a lion walking down the street warning people the animal had escaped from the Kumamoto Zoo, the other was a horrifying image of a Johovah’s Witness with bible in hand also on the loose.

Lion Tweet
Lion Tweet

The photoshopped graphic was so life-like that many Kumamoto citizens who saw the tweet dimmed their lights and lowered the volume of their TV sets to limit the chances that “the red-robed Jehovah’s Witness” would knock on their front door.

“The tweeted picture of the lion didn’t worry me at all – I was more petrified of this biblical-looking man on the loose sporting a long white beard,” said one terrified Kumamoto resident.

Many people are calling for the twitterers to face lengthy jail terms.

“This guy’s photoshop skills are clearly brilliant – he must of known he would be causing widespread panic posting a picture of a Jehovah’s Witness on the loose.”

Image: Waitingfortheword (edited)


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