A customer purchasing one tuna rice ball in a convenience store has chosen to take a plastic bag for the long journey from konbini counter to konbini rubbish bin.

“I can’t be carrying a purchased item with my bare hands,” says 44-year-old salaryman Fukuro Daiji.

“What am I? Some kind of caveman with no access to plastic?”

Daiji stuffed the pristine plastic bag into the konbini rubbish bin before unwrapping the onigiri and throwing that plastic into the same bin.

“I remember back in 1992 when I didn’t take a plastic bag and a carton of milk was touching my skin all the way to the car,” says Daiji.

“I still suffer torauma to this day.”

Daiji put the second plastic bag he requested from the konbini clerk in his backpack for the next time he drinks alcohol in public.­

Image: blackmoon