A commuter riding on a JR train this morning was wary of not walking too far from the zone of appreciation after giving up his seat to an elderly woman.

The man had relinquished his seat to the lady largely due to a desire for social admiration from his fellow commuters.

“I was getting off in a few stops anyway so I thought I would soak up a little bit of community kudos before departing from the carriage,” said Aaron Kootes.

Kootes moved away from the immediate area once giving away his seat to dismiss any suspicion in the carriage of an ulterior motive.

“I moved about 4 meters from the handover reducing any suspicions of my desire for public praise but made sure I remained well within the zone of appreciation,” said Kootes.

“I knew everyone within the appreciation zone was just loving my demonstration of social conscience.”

Kootes mostly stared at his phone from Shinjuku to Ikebukuro Station but happily absorbed the feeling of admiration in the air.


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