A 36-year-old man exiting a convenience store in central Tokyo today was reasonably confident the larger more robust umbrella he was leaving with was the same umbrella he carried into the store.

The umbrella basket near the konbini entrance was mostly filled with a range of cheap dirty looking umbrellas.

“I know I came in with a see-through umbrella, I’m pretty sure this newish-looking one is mine,” said the man.

The man usually buys the smaller 100 yen excuse for an umbrella that breaks down after one or two days of usage, but he managed to convince himself that he had come to the convenience store today with that nice sturdy umbrella he was forced to buy through a lack of options the other week.

“I don’t really remember my umbrella being this secure and durable in the wind – I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of the superior quality I had in my possession.”

The man had thought about buying an oversized sturdier umbrella the other week but in fact ended up walking an extra 50 meters to down the street to Daiso.

Images: shihwa, TamaiYuya (edited by Rising Wasabi)


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