Man Looks Identical To Leo DiCaprio

A foreigner living in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, has been informed on several occasions that he uncannily resembles Leonardo DiCaprio.

Peter Jenkins is only just starting to realize that he actually does look like the Hollywood superstar.

“I can really see the similarities now – we have the same nose, mouth, and eyes, and really the same general head structure,” says Jenkins.

The new revelation has caused some major changes in Jenkins’ life, not least of which, his shift in thinking towards the bear species.

“I now feel as if I probably have a decent chance of wrestling against any kind of bear that comes my way.”

Jenkins occasionally gets called Harry Potter when he wears glasses but this is clearly some sort of cultural misunderstanding.

“I really don’t get the Harry Potter thing. I would say the truth is more that I look like Leo when he wears glasses.”


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