A man penguin has managed to get out of bed this morning after viewing a video of a cartoon penguin for the forty-second time this week.

“I became the penguin,” said 32-year-old Angus Renshaw.

“After being the penguin, all of my morning quests in front of me were just that little bit easier.”

I don't want to get out of my futon

Winter MorningsVia LD&Khttp://www.ldandk.com/

Posted by The Rising Wasabi on Sunday, January 14, 2018

Renshaw fantasized about the toilet flying to his bed before finally plucking up the courage to face the cold cold world.

“Getting out of the bed is such an accomplishment,” says Renshaw.

“If only the bed got everything I want.”

Image: Flickr/ChrisWaits, YouTube/打首獄門同好会



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