A rule in existence since the turn of the previous century has been duly observed today by a Tokyo resident unconditionally.

“I just went along with it, no questions asked,” said Ryoichi Sakai.

Sakai had to call three people at the office this morning to place an internal request before he could perform one of his daily tasks.

“It’s all part of a day’s job,” said Sakai as he spent over an hour on the phone confirming something he already knew.

The word ‘why’ did not exist in the Japanese language until the arrival of Commodore Matthew Perry on the black ships in the mid 19th century.

“Why the hell are melons so expensive here?” Perry asked the Japanese back in the summer of 1853.

Perry’s question could not be accurately translated and he was forced to pay around 25 pieces of silver for one small melon.

Image: Pakutaso



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