Chris became first generation Japanese by using katakana to spell his name

A man in his late twenties has deserted his family heritage after using katakana to spell his name on Facebook.

Chris Taylor felt the time was right for the world to know him formerly as クリス・テーラー.

“I couldn’t avoid my natural transformation into Japanese heredity,” said クリス・テーラー.

“Deep down I did feel a small sense of guilt abandoning a long line of Taylors but I’m happy to take the criticism that comes my way if it means having a dot in the middle of my christian name and surname.”

クリス・テーラー‘s grandmother is currently in shock that her grandson betrayed the family lineage and that systems exist on “computers” called social networking services where people publish pictures of food they eat.

“I knew there was a thing called ’email’, but I didn’t realize people published mundane shit for public consumption,” said grandmother テーラー.

First generation Japanese クリス・テーラー now has a deep understanding of the difference between ‘は’ and ‘が’, and questions the existence of four seasons outside the boundaries of Japan.


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