A single father of a one-year-old PlayStation 4 has been unfriended on Facebook for consistently posting photos of his baby.

Man with his PS4, photo by Blake Patterson
Man with his PS4, photo by Blake Patterson

Unbeknownst to the man the repetitive posting of his pride and joy became too much for one acquaintance with whom he had become Facebook friends after what seemed like a lifetime bonding moment of around half a minute several years ago.

“Look, I’m happy to see his PlayStation once a month, but not every second day. I see his Playstation 4 more than I do my own mother,” said the defriender who wishes to remain anonymous.

The defriender said it was a tough decision to break off the tight bond they formed through that one time but believed the virtual relationship had turned toxic.

“All I see are the good moments with his baby. I feel like my Facebook feed needs to reflect reality – an endless stream of mostly forgotten acquaintances of which I know more than I should.”


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