A local man choosing to wear jeans and a long-sleeve garment on a 33°C day has said “Atsui ne”.

“Acchii naa,” 36-year-old local man Shinji Honda said this morning.

A recent study by the Japan Meteorological Agency has revealed that close to 80% of the Japanese male population make the conscious decision to wear jeans and long-sleeved items of clothing when it’s hot.

Temperatures hit peak “atsui-ne” levels across the country a couple of months ago but long-sleeve sightings are still common.

Despite Japan’s unique climate situation where they have an incredible four seasons, most Japanese only dress for one.

When asked about the phenomenon, local Chiba man Ase Darake said, “Japanese have always worn jeans and long-sleeves in summer, so we see no reason to change”.

Image: Pakutaso
Source: J. Goodman