The exoticness of a 39-year-old man living on a long-term visa in outer Tokyo has effectively diverted a local woman’s attention from an expansive range of personality defects.

To the untrained eye, Nathan Ryan appears to be your regular boy next door from one of those Hollywood movies, but to any outside person he clearly comes off as an exceptionally peculiar lad.

“I’m from gaikoku and I’m telling you this dude is one weird piece of cheese,” says one of Nathan Ryan’s co-workers.

“The guy has a watch but he carries it in his pocket, and I’m pretty sure he was born in a leap year.”

Ryan was born in 1980 – a leap year.

The local woman in question is preparing for a romantic dinner date at a chain restaurant with Ryan next Saturday evening – she remains joyfully unaware Ryan shares little in common with any medium to highly charming foreign man living in gaikoku, and that he has two first names.


  1. If he was born in 1980, he’s not 39.

    Unless this article is from the future and I just inadvertently traveled several years forward in time by using Facebook for too long! Great Scott!!


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