Nebaaru-kun, the fermented soybean (natto)

This year’s Ebisu food festival has enlisted Nebaaru-kun – the fermented natto soybean – to help entice foreigners to the whale-eating bonanza.

“Raw whale meat can only attract so many, so we’ve added a bit of soy to the sashimi,” chief organizer Dokodemo Hogei said.

Event staff announced natto show bags will be handed out to the first 10,000 foreigners to attend.

“We’re expecting them all to be snapped up in a heart beat, so get there early or be prepared for disappointment,” Mr. Hogei said.

Free tasting of an assortment of whale meats will also be on offer.

“This year’s dream collaboration has inspired a new secret weapon: the ‘cheese-in-whale-in-natto’,” Mr. Hogei said.

Foreigners still have time to book their flights – the festival will end 18th October.


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