The nephew of disgraced Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe, Yusuke Masuzoe, is now the most favored candidate in the upcoming election to replace his uncle.

Masuzoe’s nephew has a commanding lead in the polls stemming from his superior name recognition.

“The name reminds me of blatant fraud and corruption, but it’s famous so I’m going to vote 1 Masuzoe,” says Tomi Takiguchi from Kita Ward.

“I like the way that he worked hard to be born into a family with celebrity status so I’m rooting for Masuzoe,” says Riho Matsumoto from Chiyoda Ward.

“I can’t vote because I have a very important appointment for my sausage dog Sakura to get a haircut,” says Natsumi Shibata from Chuo Ward.

The election turnout is expected to reach a maximum of 18 per cent of eligible voters.

“I’m thinking about telling the dog stylist to cut Sakura’s head into the shape of a box,” says Shibata.


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