Women who rushed to the aid of a mayor who collapsed during a sumo event on Wednesday loaded the dying man onto a stretcher and took him to the sanctity of their kitchen where they could carry out their best work.

A referee told the women over the public address system to transport the man to a more suitable location before administering cardiac massage.

“Ladies, please do not enter the dohyo (sumo ring), instead take him to your traditional place of work (kitchen),” announced a referee belonging to the Japan Sumo Association (JSA).

The women placed Ryozo Tatami, 67, mayor of Maizuru City (Kyoto), in the corner of the kitchen before performing CPR, as they still had “a bit of ironing to finish up”.

“Once we’d folded all the clothes we were able to bring him back to consciousness,” said 45-year-old Sara Arai.

“Luckily, we’d just tidied up and washed the dishes.”

JSA staff reportedly sprinkled salt where the women had left large amounts of filth standing on the side of the ring.

Image: Flickr/dozodomo (TRW)




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