McDonald’s Japan has released a new whale burger in support of the government’s proposal to end a ban on commercial whaling.

The Minke Whale Burger is now available for scientific tasting in all McDonald’s stores across the country.

“The burger is available for a limited time only – we don’t know when the minke will become classified as an endangered species,” said McDonald’s Japan CEO Ryotaro Motosaki.

Motosaki has answered critics by arguing the burger is a long-held tradition.

“Consumers want to revisit their childhoods when they ate McDonald’s Minke Whale Burgers for school lunches,” says Motosaki.

Motosaki is encouraging consumers to “get in fast before they go extinct”.

The burger has also sparked online condemnation in America with many claiming it’s “getting harder and harder to purchase exotic meats”.

Image: McDonalds Japan, pixabay