PM Abe carries out "hot" tub water punishment on Minister Amari

Japanese Economy Minister Akira Amari suddenly resigned today and accepted his punishment of being pushed into a see-through tub containing “piping hot” water.

The LDP has given voters assurances that the water was boiled immediately prior to Amari being pushed into the tub.

“I am willing to sacrifice myself for the country and for the good of abenomics, and be forced into that scorching hot mass of water,” Amari said before being pushed.

PM Abe carried out the honor of pushing Amari while giving a running commentary on the microphone.

“I will now… push the Japanese Economy Minister Akira Amari… into this blistering hot… tub of water… ‘to omoimasu’ (I think),” said Abe.

PM Abe used the word ‘to omoimasu’ about 47 times during the event.

Amari is expected to have a new job in the business sector soon after blow-drying his hair.


  1. Automatic Abe-nator. Just attach the following to the end of any already vague sentence!


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