A mixed-race Japanese man has started practicing tennis as a way of significantly enhancing his options for rental properties in Tokyo.

“If I win a grand slam, I may be able to rent my first choice of apartment,” says Ken Nagasaki.

Typically, foreign-looking people in Japan will only have access to around half of the rental properties listed on the market.

“I wanted to rent this two bedroom apartment in Shinagawa Ward, but the real-estate agent told me it wasn’t available to foreigners.”

“The real-estate agency was really nice though because they were honest – they told me about 50 per cent of landlords are racist.”

Nagasaki played some soft tennis at high school during P.E. classes, but this week was his first attempt with regular tennis balls.

“Wimbledon is coming up, so I’m hoping to take that out and get accepted by the Shinagawa property landlord.”

The real-estate agent also told Nagasaki Chinese people only have access to around 25 per cent of properties on the market.

Image: Pixa