A mother who lost one of her children to Japan a few years ago has called her son gaijin Steve, formerly known as Steve, to make sure he has been taking good care of himself and looking out for any stray H-bombs.

“How are you doing dear? I hope you’ve been eating properly and brushing your teeth,” said gaijin Steve’s mother.

“I’m also getting worried about whether or not little rocket man knows if he continues down this path America will tear him a new one.”

U.S. President Donald Trump has warned gaijin Steve’s mother that rocket man is planning to fly a hydrogen bomb into the Pacific Ocean, which Trump has also informed her means it will fly over Japan.

“I don’t know where Japan is on a map, but I know my weapons.”

“Giving a power-hungry megalomaniac control of a devastating arsenal of weapons is just a recipe for disaster.”

Image: Flickr/Basykes


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