10,000 yen note holds press conference for the Abe Administration

A 10,000-yen note today announced new measures at a government press club conference that it will be withholding itself from local governments blocking the restart of nuclear plants.

The 10,000-yen note speaking for the Abe Administration said it was confident local representatives could be persuaded with help of his friends.

The Abe Administration has elicited the assistance from cold hard cash to respond to a majority of citizen’s opposition to the restart of nuclear power plants across Japan – Japan’s first nuclear reactor restart at the Sendai Nuclear Plant was opposed by 57% of constituents.

“We’ve tried to convince the people through political argument but now we will have to turn to our old friend earth currency,” a government advisor told The Rising Wasabi.

Associates of 10,000-yen note were also called upon this week in the form of development aid to influence the conscience of Okinawan citizens opposed to the relocation of US bases.


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