A train conductor’s ‘moushiwake gozaimasen’s are reportedly being delivered with less empathy with every passing apology.

“Morning passengers – so our train is gonna be late by a whopping 35 seconds, moushiwake-bloody-gozaimasen,” announced train conductor Hiroki Ishibashi while conducting a train on the Yurakucho Line yesterday morning.

Ishibashi’s will to produce heartfelt apologies has been on the decline since 1982.

“Ehhhhh, morning passengers, we have reports of a, ahhhhhh, wasp in carriage five, ehhhh, please remain calm and if you can, proceed to waft it towards an open window, that would be, ahhhh, great – I’m sorry for letting a wasp into my train, ehhhhh, moushi-bloody-wake-bloody-gozaimasen,” Ishibashi reportedly announced later in the morning.

Ishibashi’s final ‘moushiwake gozaimasen’ of the day was delivered with the least amount of feeling.

Image: Flickr/jimenez