Ruling party member Takaya Muto ‘s tough stance on selfishness has been reaffirmed today with the tabloid Shukan Bunshun revealing Muto’s selfless act of inviting his friends to participate in insider trading.

Earlier this month Muto condemned young anti-war protesters associated with SEALDs activist group for not wanting to go to war as being “self-centred” and an “extremely selfish way of thinking”.

IMAGE: Shukan Bunshun
IMAGE: Shukan Bunshun

LINE chats provided to the tabloid by Muto’s friends revealed the LDP lawmaker was charitable enough to necessitate only half the insider trading profits.

“Muto is always looking out for the well-being of his friends and constituents, whether it be through highly profitable insider trading or the opportunity to participate in killing or what some people call war,” a close aid of Muto said.


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