US Open champion Naomi Osaka has shown her true Japanese spirit by continually apologizing for everything.

Two days after winning her first Gland Slam title, the 20-year-old once again said she was sorry for beating Serena Williams.

“I could sympathise with the crowd because I’ve been a fan of Serena my whole life and if I was me watching me I would have been booing me as well,” said Osaka.

“I’m sorry for winning – moushi wake gozaimasen deshita.”

Osaka also apologized to Serena when she took Serena’s used tissues from the 23-time champion to throw them in the garbage.

“I’m sorry, let me dispose of them for you.”

Osaka said she had always wanted to grow up to be like her long-time sporting idol.

“I want to be like Serena, where I can one day fight for women’s rights by getting coaching tips from my team, smashing a racquet, and calling the umpire a thief,” said Osaka.

Image: Reuters