Japanese electronics maker NEC Corp. displayed a “flying fax machine” on Monday described as a “large drone-like fax machine with four propellers” that “hovered steadily while rapidly firing out facsimiles”.

The Japanese government is fully funding the “Flying Fax Machine Scheme”, with the goal of having one per household by 2028.

“The flying fax machine can go from nought to sixty facsimiles in 1.4 seconds,” government spokesman Kitaro Ryosaka told reporters.

The aim is to secure a seamless nationwide transition from the current day flightless fax machine to the revolutionary flying fax machine.

“Citizens will receive a 10-yen discount off their new flying fax machine for every world heritage site request faxed through to UNESCO within the first six months of purchase,” said Ryosaka.

Image: AP
Source: Dede