The Goddess of the Sun will have a chance to meet the incoming emperor, Crown Prince Naruhito, just prior to his enthronement on May 1.

The Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, will descend to Earth in late April, but is not expected to stay long due to heavy work commitments.

“She won’t stay on Earth for the full 10-day Golden Week period as she must make the appearance of looking too busy to have such a long break,” an Imperial Household Agency spokesman told reporters.

“She can’t afford to lose face amongst her fellow gods.”

The God of fortune, Ebisu, and the God of rice and agriculture, Inari Okami, have been blamed for creating a climate of anxiety in the workplace, according to heavenly office gossip, where deities can’t be seen to be having too much fun in their lives.

Amaterasu is scheduled to attend a private tea ceremony with Prince Naruhito on April 30 to assist with stirring.

She will establish a secure communication line with him via holy fax machine.

The upcoming abdication of Emperor Akihito remains an uneasy reminder to the general public that their primary God is female.

“I know, right?” asks one local man, “Who was the mastermind that decided on that one?”

“At least she’s banned from attending the abdication ceremony.”

Image: Imperial Household Agency